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Getting ready to travel with three children is not for the faint of heart.  I’ve researched travel gear and what to pack quite a bit. I’ve looked at what other families are tagging along and leaving behind.  Thank you to the established family travel bloggers out there who generously shared their packing lists.  Very helpful.  I will share our story and pictures of the packing chaos that is sure to ensue very soon.

We have an idea of what we want to buy for long-term travel and will be getting most of it in the UK.  From our experience technology is less expensive in the UK than in South Africa.

Action Camera and Laptop

We bought this cool GoPro and we can’t wait to try it out.  We’ll be testing it on the mountain bikes for starters.   As soon as we get the new footage we will upload it here and share a little feedback about it.  Can’t wait to put it to the test at Disney World!

Another purchase we made before taking off is a 2-in-1 laptop.  I honestly did know something like this even exists.  A 2-in-1 laptop easily converts into a touchscreen tablet by flipping the screen back.  Brilliant.  It then also serves as a screen for watching movies or programs.


I love my new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  The photo quality is amazing.  I miss my iPhone, but I will embrace the samsung for now and use it for the photo quality while traveling.

Brendan has an iPhone 6s

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