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    Family Travel Explore 90 Day RV Road Trip USA

    We’ve completed one epic three-month family RV road trip around America in our rented C-Class RV (28ft) and I can’t believe it’s over. Here is a round-up of our family RV road trip around the US with links to related posts, costs, facts, figures, highlights, our itinerary in PDF and a YouTube video series.


    Click on the links below to watch our road trip in more detail on YouTube. We’re total amateurs and are just having a bit of fun with the footage recorded on our smartphones, but we do hope you enjoy it.

    Listen to this post as a podcast by clicking on the following link.

    We’re Back – Hello & Happy Holidays! 

    I’m frantically typing away to get 90 days of personal diary entries into words that you might enjoy and find useful if needed for your own road trip planning.

    It was a wonderful experience to discover so much about the United States and doing it in an RV for extended trips with three kiddos can be unforgettable fun, if it’s right for you.

    Stay tuned and keep following along on our blog where we’ll tell you all about it!

    RV Road Trip Related Posts

    Scroll to the bottom of this post for a summarised itinerary and diary entry links.

    Travel Update December 2018

    We’re now in Spain, staying at Benal Beach near Malaga and after the race we’ve just completed all around America, this is the right speed for us at which to go into the new year: slowly. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy some extended sunny weather before we head back to proper winter in England.

    If you celebrate Christmas, we wish you a merry one and if you’re spending time with loved ones, we wish you a blessed time indeed.

    We’ll chat again soon in the new year.


    Lindsy & Brendan  

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    USA Road Trip Facts & Figures

    • Duration: 90 Days
    • Distance: 11 000 miles / 17 700 km
    • Driving Time: 220 hours / 9,2 Days approx,
    • States (California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Albuquerque, Colorado,
    • National Parks (Yosemite, Craters of The Moon, Tetons, Yellowstone, Badlands, Smoky Mountains, Everglades, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Death Valley)
    • State Parks (Thermopolis, Myrtle Beach, Homosassa, Manatee Springs, Bayou Segnette, Goosenecks, Hearst San Simeon, Pfeiffer Beach – Big Sur)
    • 11 Junior Ranger Programs
    • 1 Zoo (Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo)
    • 2 Aquariums (Omaha, Tennessee)
    • Attractions & Excursions (Incl.: Chicago Skydeck, Ripleys Combo, Walt Disney World, The Ark Encounter, Manatee Sanctuary Florida, Manatees Kayak & Swim, Everglades Swamp Ride, Mississippi River Paddlewheeler Historic Cruise, Houston Space Station, Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk, Historic Fort Worth Bull Riding & Wild West Show, Historic Fort Bluff, Glen Canyon Dam Tour, Upper Antelope Canyon Tour, Bearizona, Hearst San Simeon Castle Tour, Elephant Seal Rookery, Alcatraz Tour)
    • Landmarks & Monuments (Incl.: Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, Aztec National Monument, Four Corners Monument, Cadillac Ranch)
    • 37 RV Campgrounds (National, State and Private Parks)
    • 60 RV Campground Nights
    • 26 Boondock Nights
    • 4 Hotel Nights

    Road Trip Firsts & Highlights

    1. First national park in the world: Yellowstone
    2. Explore one of the largest supervolcanoes: Yellowstone.
    3. The world’s largest natural mineral hot spring: Thermopolis, WY
    4. First national monument US 1906: Devils Tower National monument, WY
    5. Lied Jungle – Omaha, Nebraska. World’s largest indoor rainforest (or so they claim)
    6. The 2nd highest building in the Western hemisphere – Willis Tower Skydeck on the 103rd floor.  Lift 18mi/ hr. Up in 60 sec.
    7. The world’s largest timber structure: The Ark Encounter, Williamstown – Kentucky
    8. Visit the first KFC in Corbin, Kentucky; where Colonel Sanders first began.
    9. The world’s largest and most popular Walt Disney World: Orlando, Florida
    10. The world’s warmest place on earth: Death Valley.
    11. Drive the mother road; Historic Route 66
    12. Drive on one of two American musical highways in New Mexico
    13. Drive Big Sur
    14. Drive US Route 1 in Florida along famous beaches
    15. Drive the Overseas Highway Miami to Key West on US Highway 1.
    16. Cross the beautiful Seven Mile bridge in the Florida Keys.
    17. Reach the Southernmost Point of the Continental US in the Florida Keys

    Itinerary And Shortcuts to Diary Entries

    Follow along day-to-day as we travel around America in a 28ft motorhome for three months. Read about our epic USA family RV road trip in our daily diary entries.

    San Francisco To Yellowstone National Park (2 Weeks)

    Day 1: Getting There. From Dublin, Ireland to San Francisco, USA.

    Day 2: Picking Up The Rental motorhome from Elmonte RV

    Day 3-4: From San Francisco To Yosemite National Park

    Day 5-8: To Yellowstone from Yosemite via South Lake Tahoe, Lovelock, Battle Mountain, Twin Falls, Craters Of The Moon Arco and Grand Teton National Park

    Day 9 – 13: Yellowstone National Park

    Cody To Chicago (10 Days)

    Day 14-15: Cody, Thermopolis and H16 through Big Horn National Forest to Gillette – Wyoming

    Day 16: Devils Tower, Spearfish Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Keystone, Badlands National Park, South Dakota

    Day 18: The Badlands of South Dakota to

    Day 19 – 23: Nebraska to Indiana and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

    Day 24: Chicago

    Chicago to Savannah (10 Days)

    Day 25-27: From Chicago to Williamstown, Kentucky, The Ark Encounter

    Day 28-29: Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum in Corbin, Kentucky -The first KFC, to Tennessee’s Pigeon Forge (Dollywood) and Ripley’s Believe it or Not attractions in Gatlinburg.

    Day 30-31: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and a visit with friends at Lake Wylie in Charlotte, North Carolina

    Day 32-33: Camp at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Day 34-35: From Myrtle Beach to Sullivan’s Island in Charleston for lunch and Savannah, Georgia.

    Florida (3 Weeks)

    Day 36-38: Drive Florida’s Coastal Highway along the scenic A1A and US1 roads to Beverley Beach, Daytona Beach, Coco Beach, Palm Beach and Miami Beach.

    Day 39: From Miami Beach to Everglades National Park to camp at Flamingo Campground

    Day 40-43: The Florida Keys

    Day 44: From Florida Keys to Orlando, via the Tamiami highway and an airboat ride in the Everglades swamp.

    Day 45-53: Walt Disney World, Orlando

    Day 54-56: Florida’s Nature Coast. Homosassa, Crystal River, known as the Manatee Capital of the world and Manatee Springs State Park.

    Day 57: The Forgotten Coast. Florida’s panhandle and the destruction of Hurricane Michael.

    New Orleans To Mesa Verde National Park (2 Weeks)

    Day 58-60: New Orleans, Mississippi

    Day 61-67: Beach Camping, Houston Space Center and Fort Worth, Texas.

    Day 68-69: Roadside Attractions from Fort Worth and Route 66 from Amarillo to Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

    Day 70-71: Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

    Four Corners Monument To Las Vegas (1 Week)

    Day 72-74: Four Corners Monument; Bluff, Utah; Monument Valley, Goosenecks, Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon, Page – Arizona.

    Day 75: The Grand Canyon, Arizona

    Day 76-78: Bearizona in Williams, Arizona; Route 66 Seligman to Kingman & Las Vegas, Nevada

    Death Valley To San Francisco Via Los Angeles & Big Sur (10 Days)

    Day 79-80: Furnace Creek, Badwater Basin and Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley, California

    Day 81-87: California’s scenic coastal Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Santa Monica Pier, Malibu Beach, Santa Barbara, San Simeon, and Pfeiffer State Park – Driving Big Sur!

    Day 88-89: Explore San Francisco around Pier 39 and a boat trip to Alcatraz Island, aka The Rock.

    Day 90: Our family RV road trip is over! Fly Home


    RV Road Trip USA - Wyoming to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
    RV Road Trip USA – Wyoming to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

    21 thoughts on “90 DAY USA FAMILY RV ROAD TRIP – WE DID IT!”

    1. I can’t wait to read the whole 90 day account! This is something we too want to do as a family in the future so thank you very much for posting your adventures.

    2. You’re very welcome Fanuel. I so badly want to get the whole trip written up and posted, but it takes so much longer than I think each time I sit down and start writing because there’s just so much to tell.

      Don’t you find that editing photo’s, which I dare not leave out, always take longer than planned!

      Now I’m even more eager to get the trip posted and up to date for your families’ own adventure. Back to work!

    3. Love this as it really resonates. We have a class C motor home which we bought sort of by accident whilst we lived in Canada a couple of years ago. We kept it when we moved back to the UK and since then have done several road trips through Canada and the US, usually for about 10 weeks. Admittedly though it is just the two of us! We head off again next week, Toronto to BC and will take in Yellowstone so i am going to checknout your post on this for all the tips i can get about camping there in a 28 foot rv! You have a great itinerary here so will look forward to following along and comparing. What a brilliant experience!

    4. Thank you Jane. We’d love to get a RV to keep in the US to do exactly what you do; go on trips when we can. Oh, I’m so jealous to think you’re going next week! Take me with you!!!!! You must enjoy it and I hope you’ll share the trip and lots of pics.

    5. What a fantastic way to see the USA, in a RV! We did a similar round trip many years ago but in a car and we never got to New Orleans, as from Dallas we rushed straight to New York.
      It was such an exciting trip and your blog is giving us some fun flashbacks,
      How awesome you did it with your family.

    6. Thank you for checking in Oli and it’s great that our trip replays some of your own happy roadtrip memories for you. I’m still working my way through your blog for posts on Thailand for our upcoming trip Nov-Dec so I look forward to reading more tonight.

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    13. Hey Lani, sorry for the late reply! Hope you are well wherever you are in this Covid-19 world of ours. You’re right, it was an amazing trip and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. The parks were the best and I only hoped we could see more of them. America is a beautiful country.

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    15. Hi, Glad you found the content inspiring. Just makes my day to hear it! Isn’t it crazy how much things have changed in only 5 years? I agree, everything is atronomically more expensive now than when we did this trip in 2018. Budget travellers, like us, have to be so much more savvy now.

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