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On the 26th of February 2018, we left behind the familiar comforts of home in George, South Africa, to start a different more adventurous way of life.

Artist Point, Yellowstone
Artist Point, Yellowstone

But Why?

Good question! It’s been a long time coming, but a whole host of factors worked together to make us finally take the big step. Here are a few reasons for you.

One Day May Never Come

The cliche is true: Life is too short. And after a series of unfortunate events – the truth of it hit home. The time was ripe and we seized the moment to do what we were on the verge of doing more than ten years ago before we started our family: go on a six-month backpacking trip around the world.

We’re not backpacking now by any means because it’s impossible with three kids, but we’re travelling and we’re doing it the best way we know how.

Badlands, South Dakota

The Stuff of Dreams

Our backpacking trip around the world was abandoned a long time ago, but not forgotten. We decided that instead of waiting for the chicks to leave the nest before we travel as pensioners, we needed to do it NOW while we still can.

That book B bought me, ‘101 Things To Do Before You Die‘, has been sitting on our shelf gathering dust for more than ten years!

South Lake Tahoe, USA

It’s Not As Expensive As You’d Think

Running a household in today’s economy with three active kids is expensive. We did the maths and realised that we could live a laid back life in different parts of the world for the same amount of money that we work so hard for only to spend on maintaining the stressful rat-race lifestyle we were leading. We still work part of the year and travel as much as we can.

How much you spend to travel is subjective and it is possible to travel frugally if you choose to. We try to strike a balance by skimping on many things and embracing minimalism so that we can splash out when it matters.

I hate selfies, but it has to be done. Proof, right? Yes, I was there – at Yellowstone!!!

Spontaneous To The Bone

Yes, you may call us spontaneous. We took the exciting yet terrifying decision to uproot our young family to travel and explore the world. To top it off, we’re taking on the mammoth responsibility of homeschooling our children.  Ourselves! We’ll let you know how that works out.

In October 2017 we discussed the possibility of travelling full time for the first time as the stability of our country became a question mark more every day. By the end of November, we made up our minds and only three months later, our lives were packed up into too many suitcases for B’s comfort.  We boarded a plane to England and a new story began; the story we hope you will enjoy reading about here.

Our last day in George. At the Airport all packed up and ready to catch a one-way flight to the UK!
This is him saying:”Please Lindsy, not another photo, please?”.

Who Are We?


The rock of our family! Everything happens around him. A private person, he doesn’t like having his photo taken, but he’s slowly getting over that, thanks to this blog.

B is a bit of a coffee snob, loves sports, singing, playing cards and general knowledge games, table tennis, mountain biking, chess and travelling. An adrenaline ninja with no fear of heights, he enjoys snowboarding and has the big ones like paragliding, bungee jumping and sandboarding some serious dunes under the belt.

He does not like orange flavoured chocolates, peas, and corn.  Oh, and Brussel sprouts; he’s not a fan of those.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll admit on his behalf that he is a little OCD. His freakishly well-organized life pre-me, I’m sure he’ll agree, is now much messier but better and happier.

Read about our travel history here.

Four Corners Monument, USA Road Trip

And Me

I’m Lindsay. I like to think of myself as an easy-going-kind-of-person, although some are entitled to disagree. A lover of books and cinema, I can find a redeeming quality in almost any movie.  Except maybe in gory horrors or very spooky ones; don’t like those. Always wishing I have more time to lose myself in a good book, other things I like is anything with fudge or caramel in and on it, more fudge, cats, coffee, and games of all sorts. I love to travel! I have a strange affection for doilies and I’m a terrible singer, even though I love to sing. In the shower, in the car and sometimes even in the church, I sing despite turning heads for all the wrong reasons. Reading that back, I realize I’m an old soul (nervous laugh), but an adventurous one at least.

Monterosso Italy

Our Goal

I started the blog to keep friends and family in the loop as we travel while also keeping a thorough travel record. And then we found you along the way. Welcome!

As a family, we love to be close to nature and beaches. We’ve become more environmentally aware along the way, so prefer overland travel instead of flights when possible. Art, culture, history and family-friendly attractions all get our attention, but the awesome wonders of nature, the great outdoors, is what truly captivates us.

One of the most rewarding things about our adventure since we’ve started this blog is to hear from someone we’ve inspired to travel. If our stories and the destinations we write about encourage others to think about going someplace new themselves, then we’ve done well.  Even if you’re encouraged to explore nearby in your own hometown, reading about adventure or seeing travel photo’s on social media should no longer be enough.

Subscribe to our newsletter here, which we only send out now and then, and stay in touch by following us. Questions are welcome.

You’re getting a front-row seat to the mayhem of travelling as a family of five by reading our blog and we sincerely hope you enjoy it every mile of the way.

Lindsy & Brendan xxx


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