On the 26th of February 2018, we left behind the familiar comforts of home in George, South Africa, to start our world travel adventure.  This is who we are, a world travelling family of five and this is how the story goes…

The short version

1995 Boy meets girl in South Africa. Fast forward 10 years. Boy and girl fall in love in England. Fast forward 3yrs. Boy and girl living in England get married in South Africa. If you’re struggling with the maths, the year is now 2008.

Nine years and three children later we’re not “boy” and “girl” anymore, but Mom and Dad. In October 2017 we discuss the possibility of traveling for the first time. By the end of November, we made up our minds. Three months later our lives are packed up into too many suitcases for Brendan to deal with.  We board a plane to England and a new story begins.

You may call us spontaneous. We took the exciting yet terrifying decision to uproot our young family within a month to travel and explore the world. To top it off, we’re taking on the mammoth responsibility of homeschooling our children.  Ourselves! We’ll let you know how that works out for us and for them.


Brendan is the rock of the family.  Everything happens around him.  Without him, the wheels will come off and none of our adventures will happen.  Who will fix the broken wheels?  Only Daddy can.  He can do everything!  Being a private person he doesn’t like having his photo taken, but we’re working on that.

This is him saying:”Please Lindsy, not another photo, please?”.

Brendan loves a good coffee, sports, singing, playing cards and general knowledge games, table tennis, mountain biking and travelling.

An adrenaline ninja with no fear of heights, he enjoys snowboarding and has the big ones like paragliding, bungee jumping and sand boarding some serious dunes under the belt.

He does not like orange flavoured chocolates, peas and corn.  Oh, and brusselsprouts.  He does not like brusselsprouts.  I admit on his behalf that he is a little OCD.  Before he met me, his life was super organised.  The notes in his wallet were even organised in a specific way! Whaaat?!

Anywhoo, his life is much better with me and our 3 kiddos in it to joosh things up a bit.  Seeing him cope in an RV on our road trip through America with the 4 of us is going to be fun. I hope.

I’m Lindsay, a scatty bookkeeper, now homeschool Mom addicted to travel planning and blogging.  All of this is new to us.  Which makes this ride so much more thrilling.  Some traveling done in my twenties woke the travel monster in me and I wanted more. Lots more!

An easy-going-kind-of-person, I can find a redeeming quality in almost any movie.  Except for maybe gory horrors or very spooky ones.  Don’t like those.  Always wishing I have more time to lose myself in a good book, things I like are anything with fudge or caramel in and on it, more fudge, cats, coffee, games of all sorts and a good solid sleep any time of day.  I confess I have a strange affection for doilies.  Pet hates cold water, raisins, bullying, wasting food, cheap toilet paper, and brusselsprouts.

Nick (9), our oldest, was born in England.  An avid nature enthusiast with a gentle nature who loves chess and general knowledge games like Buzz and the Wikipedia game.

He is a studious learner, a naturally gifted sportsman and a loving big brother to Leah and Kate.

When he isn’t looking for birds, you’ll probably find him working on his repertoire of jokes or watching an interesting program, like Forged in Fire or Horrible Histories. His own brand of sweet humor and his infectious laugh brightens our days.  The driving force behind our birding journey, he dreams of one day owning an elaborate bird world and conservatory.

Nick has an affinity for nature, but especially for birds, quiz games, comedy, tea, football, cricket, table tennis, tickle fights with Mom and wrestling with Dad.  He does not like marshmallows, doing dishes or confined spaces.


Leah (7), also born in England, is our easy-going child.  She has always been great at problem-solving and just gets on with whatever task she is given.

A real little home-maker, she loves building dens and forts where-ever she can.  Often this results in us sitting on the carpet in the living room while she constructs a massive fort with every pillow and blanket in the house.

Leah is a self-proclaimed Engineer.  Art and music are her favoritepast-times.  She has a great sense of fashion, which I have to grudgingly admit, she did not inherit from me.  As a practical-kind-of-girl myself, her strong sense of individual style constantly surprises me.  She adds glitz and glamour to our life!

Leah, our creative soul, loves fashion, drawing, singing, making up her own songs, collecting and sorting things and chocolates.  She does not like vegetables, being tickled or tackled by her brother.

Kate (2) aka Little Whirlwind/Krabbel/Blompot is the reason our pension plan is now obsolete! Just joking.  Brendan has a background in financial planning so we’re sorted in that department.

Our big happy South African born surprise baby who came to complete our family keeps us busy.  Very busy!  We are going to have to be very creative while on the road to keep her entertained and happy and I think this will be one of our greatest challenges.  Looking forward to it.

Baby Kate loves ice cream, chocolate, Peppa Pig and Pingu, playing with her brother and sister, running, dancing and sliding.  She does not walk.  She only runs.  She does not like being told “No” and she does not like sitting in her pram for longer than 5 minutes.  Problem 66.


Pleased to meet you!  Now that we’re not strangers anymore we’d like to hear from you.

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Brendan & Lindsy


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