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Meet the Williams Family

We are a very-soon-to-be nomadic family of five with dual British and South African citizenship.  Meet the crew:

Daddy Brendan is our rock.  Everything happens around him.  Without him, the wheels will come off and none of our adventures will happen.  Who will fix the broken wheels?  Only Daddy can.  He can do everything!  Brilliant entrepreneur and businessman who always loved traveling.  Brendan is a private person.  Very private actually.  He does not like having his photo taken and never has.  The funny thing is I like taking photos of him and I kind of enjoy annoying him a bit too!


 Mommy Lindsay is a bookkeeper who is now homeschooling the children while planning the trip of a lifetime and setting up this blog to keep family and friends updated.  I am not an expert on blogging, homeschooling, traveling, or any of the subjects we plan to chat about on this blog.  All of this is new to us.  Which makes the adventure ahead of us so much more enticing. I traveled a bit in my twenties and knew that I wanted more of it.  Lots more!  Brendan and I were a few pounds away from starting a 6-month world tour in 2007 when we were surprised and blessed with our first baby.  Plans were immediately set aside for “one day”.   “One day” has arrived baby!


Matt (9) is our oldest and he was born in England.  A nature enthusiast with a gentle nature who loves general knowledge games like Buzz and the Wikipedia game.  He is a studious learner, a naturally gifted sportsman and a wonderfully loving big brother to Megs and Milly.  Matt loves jokes and comedy in general, which is one of our favorite things about him because he has such an infectious laugh!  He will mostly drive our blog post about birding.



Megs (7), also born in England, is our easy-going child.  She has always been great at problem-solving and just gets on with whatever task she is given. A real little home-maker, she loves building make-shift houses outside in the garden or inside with pillows and blankets.  Art and music is her favorite past-time.  She has a great sense of fashion, which I have to grudgingly admit, she did not inherit from me.  As a practical-kind-of-girl myself, her strong sense of individual style constantly surprises me.  She adds a little glitz and glamor to our life!


Milly (2) aka Little Whirlwind/Krabbel/Blompot is the reason our pension plan is now obsolete! Just joking.  Brendan is a financial planner so we’re sorted in that department.  Our big happy South African born surprise baby who came to complete our family keeps us busy.  Very busy!  We are going to have to be very creative while on the road to keep her entertained and happy and I think this will be one of our greatest challenges.  Looking forward to it.



We are pretty new to the world of family travel, homeschooling, and the nomad lifestyle, but we are not afraid to explore.  We will be happy to consider working with you if your service, place or product fits into our interests and current lifestyle.  Please contact us if you need more information about us or our travel plans and would like to discuss how we can be of mutual benefit to each other.

Our reviews are authentic, honest and real.  We are committed to our plans to travel and explore as much of the world as we possibly can.  We invite you to be part of our journey!


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