My World

Random thoughts and bits of advice from my world.  I will tell you how and why I built this blog and what I learn along the way.  I will also share our blog blueprint here.  If I want to ramble about something else that may be useful or entertaining to you but cannot fit into any box, I will share it here.  When I am about to lose my mind this is where I’ll have my little tantrums and rants.


Meet Olive, the friendly 83yr old from Windsor who walked us home.

Pay It Forward

Meet Olive, the friendly lady from Windsor who kindly put Kate and some of our shopping on her four-wheel walker and walked us all the way home.  We pay it forward.  Olive turns 83 in September and she says that she will live to be 100 so that she can ring the neck of whoever she pleases and I hope she does.  Read More »Pay It Forward

Travel Diary April 2018 – Windsor, England

Has it been two months since we left home?  Since we packed up our life, put it into a couple of suitcases and backpacks and decided to become modern-day nomads.  Full-time travellers wondering from place to place.  It sounds so aimless.  So lost.  A feeling of panic threatens to rear its ugly head seconds before we look at each other for assurance and confirmation that we made the right choice.

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