The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Gilded Balloon Press Launch

Have I told you that we love comedy?  We’re big fans of stand-up comedy. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the mother festival of all arts festivals in the world and comedy is her favorite child. At the Gilded Balloon Press launch, we get a glimpse of their line-up for this year’s Fringe. But what is The Fringe? Read on.

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Travel Diary April 2018 – Windsor, England

Has it been two months since we left home?  Since we packed up our life, put it into a couple of suitcases and backpacks and decided to become modern-day nomads.  Full-time travellers wondering from place to place.  It sounds so aimless.  So lost.  A feeling of panic threatens to rear its ugly head seconds before we look at each other for assurance and confirmation that we made the right choice.

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