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Go George! Great Bus Service

Should you decide to visit sunny South Africa, make sure you include George in your plans.

I will in time share more information on things to do in and around George.  Today we took the Go George bus to the Garden Route Mall for a Mommy and Daughter movie treat.

Waiting for the Go George bus in Davidson street, George.

Public transport is not the obvious choice for tourists in South African cities and towns like it is in, for example, Europe or like it seems to be in the cities of North America.  Having lived in Dublin, Ireland for a while and near Reading in England for 7 years, I know the public transport systems there quite well and frequently used and even enjoyed.  The train and bus ride to and from work was when I got time to read or brush up on my Spanish.

George, our home-town, recently launched the Go George bus service and what a wonderful service it is.  It immediately reminded me of the bus rides I enjoyed in Dublin to and from work.  Go George has been around for a couple of years now and all though I was impressed by it and advocated it to many skeptical locals,  I haven’t been on a Go George bus myself.  Until today.  I am planning to travel around the world with my family and I have not used the bus in my own hometown!

What was it like to take the Go George bus?

It was a breeze.  The bus service is well organized.  The routes and schedules are clearly laid out on the Go George website, which I found very user-friendly. Maps and brochures are available from the Tourist Info Center in York street.  The drivers were helpful and the fare is cheap, R10 per person and it is valid for 1 hr of travel.

We left our house in Heatherlands at 10 am and walked one block up to the nearest bus stop, got off at the bus terminal in the town center to catch the Garden Route Mall bus and arrived at the movies at the mall at 11am with more than enough time to spare before our movie started at1212 pm.   The buses are in excellent condition and clean.

Would I use it again?

For sure.  My brother traveled with us today, seeing as it was our first time to visit the CBD bus terminal (or taxi-rank as it is known locally).  Pickpockets and bag snatchers have been known to operate in the CBD, but I noticed security at the bus terminal and it was quiet, clean and tidy.   Keep your belongings close by and be alert at all times in any situation.  Rather move in groups if you can, especially the ladies.  This is a good rule for most places and areas around here anyway.

In conclusion, I must say that I am proud of the Go George bus service and that I will use it again in future if needed.

George in the Garden Route is my hometown.  If you would like any information or advice on visiting the Garden Route in the Western Cape province of South Africa, send me an email and I will be happy to share what I know. We can even hook you up with self-catering accommodation at Skyways, our own self-catering guesthouse in George. 

Have you taken the bus in George yet? Please tell me about your experience and if you will recommend it and use it again?

Do you want to visit George, the Garden Route in the Western Cape or anywhere in South Africa? 

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