Homeschool officially started on Monday 15th of January 2018 in the Williams household.

 Week 1 is behind us and we made it!  It started off a bit shaky, but I am excited and glad that we have the amazing honor to teach our children.

Matt (9) and Meg (7) completed Grade 3 and Grade 1 in 2017 with flying colors at a local private school.  As soon as we decided to travel and homeschool, I did placements tests with them to see where we should start them off in 2018.

I used these online homeschool placement tests:

  • Calvert Primary
  • Good and Beautiful Course Level Assessment
  • Maths U See Readiness Assessments
  • Saxon Primary Placement

South African children start pre-prep school (Gr.0) in the year they turn 6, but this is very much still play-school.  “Big” School start when they turn 7 (Gr.1).   This was a major reason why we left the UK the year Matt had to start formal school.  He had just turned 4 in July and had to start school in September 2012.  With school hours from 9 am to 3 pm, our little boy was completely exhausted by Thursday morning.  In December that year, we moved to George, South Africa and he got to learn through play again with the aim to develop gross motor skills.

Therefore South African children are about 2 years behind the rest of the world in primary school, but I understand that they catch up somewhere along the line.  For now, we are reviewing Gr 1 and 3 again before starting Gr 2 and 4.  Here’s the plan…


Choosing a curriculum alone is enough to scare most people away from homeschooling.  There are so many options out there, but again the advice and guidance available online from other homeschoolers around the world are amazing.   You will find a homeschool group for your region on Facebook.  Join them.  We all need the support.  I just joined a Woldschoolers group on Facebook and already feel like we belong.

My initial choice for a homeschool curriculum, if we were not going to travel, was Cambridge International Primary There is an online version of The  We want to prepare them for the British A-level exams so that the children can go to university in the UK if they want to.

After much research, a fellow homeschool friend put me in touch with someone who was selling a used set of  Gr 1 and 3 Abeka books.  The sets are not complete, but I can buy what I need online.  THE PLAN is to revise Gr 1 and 3 with the Abeka books that we now have just to make sure we are on par with the rest of the world.  We will ditch the books when leaving SA and go mostly online while traveling.

We are going to start out by following the advice of other nomadic families like and yTravelblog.  They’ve been doing it for a while so there is no reason why we should not try it too.

We will look at online programs like Reading Eggs, Kahn Academy and Minecraft Homeschool and try Carol Vorderman workbooks in the UK.

I will update this post regularly to let you know how we get on with our initial homeschool plan.


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