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On the 26th of February 2018, we left behind the familiar comforts of home in George, South Africa, to start our adventure.

We took the exciting yet terrifying decision to uproot our family to travel and explore the world. To top it off we’re taking on the mammoth responsibility of homeschooling our children.  Ourselves! We’ll let you know how that works out for us.


Brendan is the rock of the family.  Everything happens around him.  Without him, the wheels will come off and none of our adventures will happen.  Who will fix the broken wheels?  Only Daddy can.  He can do everything!  A driven entrepreneur and qualified Financial Planner and Health and Safety Officer who always loved travelling.  He is a private person.  Very private actually.  He does not like having his photo taken, but we’re working on that.

Brendan loves a good coffee, sports, singing, playing cards and general knowledge games, table tennis, mountain biking and travelling.  He does not like orange flavoured chocolates, peas and corn.  Oh, and brusselsprouts.  He does not like brusselsprouts.

Lindsay, a bookkeeper by profession, now homeschools, plans trips of a lifetime and blogs to keep family and friends and readers updated.  Not an expert on blogging, homeschooling, travelling, or any of the subjects we plan to chat about on this blog, she hurls herself wholeheartedly into her new role.  All of this is new to us.  Which makes the adventure ahead so much more enticing.  She travelled a bit in her twenties and knew that she wanted more of it.  Lots more!

She loves movies, reading, anything with fudge or caramel in and on it, cats and she has a strange affection for doilies.  Lindsay does not like cold water, raisins, bullying and brusselsprouts.

Nick (9) is our oldest and he was born in England.  A nature enthusiast with a gentle nature who loves chess and general knowledge games like Buzz and the Wikipedia game.

He is a studious learner, a naturally gifted sportsman and a wonderfully loving big brother to Leah and Kate.  Nick loves jokes and comedy in general, which is one of our favourite things about him.  He has such an infectious laugh!  He will mostly drive our blog post about birding.  

Nick loves nature and birds, games, comedies, tea, football, cricket, table tennis and tickle fights with Mom and wrestling with Dad.  He does not like marshmallows or doing dishes.


Leah (7), also born in England, is our easy-going child.  She has always been great at problem-solving and just gets on with whatever task she is given. A real little home-maker, she loves building make-shift houses outside in the garden or inside with pillows and blankets.  Leah is a self-proclaimed Engineer.  Art and music are her favourite past-times.  She has a great sense of fashion, which I have to grudgingly admit, she did not inherit from me.  As a practical-kind-of-girl myself, her strong sense of individual style constantly surprises me.  She adds a little glitz and glamour to our life!

Leah loves beautiful clothes, drawing, singing and making up her own songs, collecting and sorting things and chocolates.  She does not like vegetables.

Kate (2) aka Little Whirlwind/Krabbel/Blompot is the reason our pension plan is now obsolete! Just joking.  Brendan is a financial planner so we’re sorted in that department.

Our big happy South African born surprise baby who came to complete our family keeps us busy.  Very busy!  We are going to have to be very creative while on the road to keep her entertained and happy and I think this will be one of our greatest challenges.  Looking forward to it.

Baby Kate loves ice cream, chocolate, Peppa Pig and Pingu, playing with her brother and sister and running and dancing.  She does not walk.  She only runs.  She does not like being told “No”.

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