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Newsletter April 2019

    Cotswolds, England

    Hi there!

    It’s been a while, I know, but oh boy have we been busy.  Things are always changing hard and fast for our family, but it’s all for the better, and I’m bubbling with excitement to share it with you. 

    Hold on and sit tight, because there’s much to tell.

    Family Travel Ex;lore

    But first, how are you?  Travel and change take us away from our comfort zones, from our support system, our circle of family and friends and we miss you!  Let us know what’s going on in your life and what you think about our story.  Whether we know you personally or not, we’d love to hear from you so hit the reply button and start typing a good old ’email’ letter back to us. 

    Boondocking on the beach in Texas
    Boondocking on the beach in Texas

    Almost There

    I am still trying to get all of our USA RV Road Trip adventures down on pen and paper and there are a few new posts out but we’ve had so many other things that demanded our immediate and full attention that blogging had to take a backseat for a while.  It’s a work in progress, and I’m burning to get it all published because it was such an awesome trip with so many highlights that you will love going on a literary road trip with us around America as you read about it and see all the photos of the fantastic places we’ve been.  

    Old England. Family Travel Ex;lore
    Old England

    Emigration: A New Beginning

    Like thousands of South Africans, we decided to leave the country and immigrate to the UK permanently. B is blessed with excellent career opportunities in the UK which tie in with our dream to travel and see more of the world, if not all of it!  We believe that we can offer our children a better and safer future here.

    We sold our house in South Africa and to finalise the sale, the kids and I flew there from Spain for six weeks, to pack up and get rid of all our belongings.  What an emotional rollercoaster that was!  I put things with sentimental value in storage, many were sold and others were donated, gifted or thrown in the skip, but it’s mostly all gone.

    By the time B joined us for the last two weeks in South Africa, my nerves were shot, emotions ran high and I was tremendously relieved to see him.  What can I say? It’s been a whirlwind adventure year from 2018 to 2019 for us, and now we’re settling into life in beautiful old England.  

    Family Travel Ex;lore

    Travel Plans

    We’ve had a few lovely breaks to Hoburne Cotswolds, just a forty-minute drive from where we now live in the south of England, and we plan a few more to Cornwall and the Lake District if we can manage it over the summer. 

    We will travel in and around Australia and New Zealand in December and then we’re off to Japan from January for a few months where we hope to see as much of Tokyo and rural Japan as we can, explore Mount Fuji if possible in winter and catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms.  I’m hoping to squeeze a little cruise in there somewhere, maybe from Brisbane to somewhere near Japan, because we’ve never been on one, but we still have heaps of planning, research and mountains of saving to do first. 

    Please let us know if you have any suggestions?

    Family Travel Ex;lore

    A Break From Homeschooling

    This is a full post in the making, but for now, suffice it to say that homeschooling serves its purpose in healthy, happy, and stable homes. It is a fantastic alternative to mainstream schools if those schools, for whatever reason, are not the best option for your children and the family or if they no longer fit in with your lifestyle.  Home education is made easy with excellent online resources and support groups in most parts of the world. 

    We home educated for more than a year, and it was great, effective even, but for me, our toddler made it a particular challenge to give the older two the attention they need and deserve. As if by divine intervention, we now live within walking distance from a small school, only 48 children in total, that tick every box on our list of absolute educational must-haves.

    At the end of the year, we will happily home educate the kids again when we travel to Asia and Australia for four months, but for now, I’m happy to miss them!  I need the break; that I can tell you without a lie, and so do they. They love every minute of school, of friends and sports and extra murals and we’re thrilled for them. It works.

    Cotswolds, England
    Cotswolds, England

    Dipping Our Toes Into e-Commerce

    In Spain, we had the brainwave to get into e-commerce finally.  We wanted to start an online shop in 2012 and got sidetracked by other business ventures.  Only seven years later, whether good or bad, we’ve committed to the endeavour in the form of Rather late than never, right?   

    Hours, days and weeks were spent getting it online, and I’m still grafting at it every day. Just like blogging, it’s not as easy as it sounds! 

    The dream is to make it a roaring success so that we can sustain a nomadic laptop lifestyle while travelling when we can, without being tied down by office jobs. 

    Scroll to the bottom to get your exclusive discount code, check out the store and buy something for yourself or someone else. Go on! Just do it. 

    Of course, I humbly await your valued feedback to improve where we can.


    Yes, we’re making our vlogging debut by finally creating more amateurish video clips for YouTube. Our RV road trip around America requires video footage to do it some form of justice so that you will see more of it on our YouTube channel here

    Please give it some love by subscribing to our channel, hit the like button and comment if you can.  

    And that’s a wrap.  It’s a long one this time, but it’s been a long time since the last newsletter, so it’s fair.

    Thank you for reading!

    Cheers For Now,

    Lindsy & Brendan


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