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Staying Healthy

    We’ll need to focus on our family health while on the go.  Staying healthy is important especially when travelling.

     This year we want to put words into action.  Healthy food look and sound amazing, but will our children eat it and will we find it everywhere we go?

    Please comment on this post with quick and easy healthy meal ideas?  Especially kiddie friendly healthy food.  If there is such a thing?!


    I plan to try out some of the Mannatech products as soon as we get to the UK.  Just to make sure that the children have a little extra help with fighting off pesky foreign monster germs.  We enjoy Herbalife shakes and would like to continue using it, but we will also try the Mannatech meal replacements for a while, although I’ve heard they are not as tasty as Herbalife.

    I discovered Tesco has a 3 for GBP5 deal on vitamins and boosters.  The kids love them!  We do too.  They are yummy sweeties in different flavours.  I don’t know how very healthy they really are, but they are really nice.  Worth a buy just to convince myself that their daily treat is actually a vitamin!

    My First Herbalife Weigh-In

    Six weeks in and I had my first weigh-in with my Herbalife mentor.  I can’t believe how scared I was that the “special” scale will tell me that I did not lose any weight despite all the chocolates and cookies I had to say no to in the December holidays no less.  I was actually nervous.

    I chose to start Herbalife in the December holidays because I knew if I can stick to the plan at the worst time of the year for diets, I can stick to it all year.  I’ve never liked fad diets or quick-fix solutions and I’ve not really tried any.  Herbalife is helping me to live a healthier life by thinking about and planning for meals, snacks and treats.

    The weigh-in went great.  I lost weight, but most importantly the fat around my heart came down a lot and my water went up.  Both are very important for good health.  We have a long way to go, but an important mind-shift is taking place in our family and I am excited to see where it takes us.

    Just before we left, I signed up to Herbalife as a distributor.  So let me know if you would like to order Herbalife!



    Our goal is to be healthy.  We started with a few key steps to boost our system prior to the “big lifestyle change”.  We started with a veg juice fast and followed that with a liver flush over the weekend.  Harrowing stuff, but glad we stuck it out and pushed through.


    I’ve come across a lovely site with lots of affordable healthy meals-from-scratch ideas for families at  I need more inspiration like this to get the cook in me thinking in the right direction.  The cook in me, by the way, is very tiny and not inspired at all.  So any ideas or resources that you have to share with us will be so very much appreciated.  Remember my cooking keywords: easy, fast, healthy, affordable and pronounceable ingredients.


    Share your thoughts

    Help me?! Tell me how you keep your family healthy when you are away from home and not in any routine?  Do you have quick healthy recipe ideas for a mom travelling around the world with three kiddies?  Keep in mind that cooking is not my forte.

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