Woking Park

Things To Do In Woking With Children

Woking, the place of the mad, the bad and the dead: the introductory phrase as you enter the Woking Story museum send chills down my spine.  We’re happy to report that modern-day Woking is not that scary anymore and that we had a good time there.  Read on for more information including lots of photos, costs and our version of things to do in Woking with children.

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Botanical gardens

Our Favorite Things To Do In The Garden Route

The Garden Route is the Eden of South Africa with lush scenery, many birding hotspots. wildlife and outings for everyone’s taste. My favourite thing about the Garden Route is that each town is different from the next. Continue reading “Our Favorite Things To Do In The Garden Route”

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Our Birding List. A Big year

Our birding journey officially starts January 2018.  Fitting, since 2018 is The Year Of The Bird.  We include some of the awesome prior sightings that gets us started as we add them to our life list.  Our journey start in South Africa then we travel through England and end the year with birding in America to witness the fall bird migration.  This could well be a big year!

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