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Three Months On The Road!

    How’s your week been so far?

    I can’t believe we’ve been on the road for three months. 

    Many people tell me how jealous they are of what we’re doing and how they wish they could do the same.  Well, that’s nice to hear and yes, we are having a great time and seeing some amazing places, but things aren’t always moonshine and roses.  Being on the move constantly is a challenge and as I’ve said before, a major change that will take time to get used to.  So don’t be too jealous.  We will gush about fabulous things, but you will get the dirt on the tough days too.

    So far I’m loving it.  We’re all getting into the swing of things.  Even being with the kids all day is easier than I thought.  I really thought I would be climbing up the walls and pulling my hair out by now, but it’s true what they say about a family bonding when they’re together all the time.  Honestly, I can see us doing this for a long time and I get more excited about what we’re doing after every move.

    We’re so excited about going to America in September. Can’t wait.  Only 3 months to go!  I even tried to convince Brendan to hire a motorhome for June in the UK to try out RV living, but he wouldn’t bite.  He’s not ready yet because he still works every day as we move across the UK and to try something new like living in an RV for a month is daunting.  Our travel schedule is also not yet set which complicates the logistics of a month-long RV rental. So I’ve stopped my nagging for now and booked another Airbnb in Chelsea and Northampton.

    Alison from Lechlade Motorhomes were super supportive in my attempt to spend June RV’ing up and down the country.  They offered us one of their smart 6 berth motorhomes at a great price within our budget.  We’ll definitely knock on their door when we’re ready to road trip the UK and Europe in style.

    We had a great time in beautiful Windsor and Bath in May and after Northampton we have more exciting destinations to look forward to.  More on that soon.  Visit our blog here to see recent posts and to read the Windsor and Bath roundups as soon as they go live.

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    That’s all for now, but we’ll be in touch via social media to keep you in the loop as always.

    Lindsy & Brendan

    Three Months On The Road!

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