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This is our first blog post!  Ever.  Post numero uno.

It takes guts to just start “blogging”.  It’s scary and daunting and there are so many people doing it.  We don’t want to compete. Just join in.  So let’s close our eyes and get started!

One blog among millions but one in a million!

I’ve read many other family travel blogs and I’ve read about blogging quite a bit and yet I did not feel prepared for it.  In fact, the more I read, the less prepared I feel.  We are complete beginners.  We will learn, grow and research extensively as we travel and explore together.

English is not our first language so please be nice and forgiving when scrutinizing the grammar.  We have a pillow in our house that says:  Be nice OR leave.  We shall apply this request to the blog also, thank you very much.


That said, welcome.  We recently decided to travel with our 3 children, while homeschooling.  We realized that we could work in the UK for 6 months and live anywhere else in the world the other 6 months.

The first year will very much be an experiment to see if we can pull it off. We have an annual budget and we need to stick to it.  A massive challenge for me.  Like Brendan rightly says; A budget is a target to me and I love hitting targets early!

While Brendan works in different places across the UK we tag along to explore history, nature, culture and our English ancestry.

We hope to see more of Europe before heading off to North America, possibly Canada and where-ever else fate may lead us before going south for warmer weather.

This blog will be where we share our story with friends and family.  I plan to revive my genealogy research starting in the UK as both myself and Brendan had great grandparents from England and Wales.

Feel free to comment, ask questions and share your own stories, please.  I will be sharing our planning process, the tools and resources we used before and during our travels and also the gory details about how it all pans out.  The good, the bad and ugly.  The before and after! Stay with us, come back and enjoy the ride.


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