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Why Do You Write?

    Why do you write?  Or why do you blog? The obvious reason why we write is to share the story of our travel adventure.  But it’s grown into much more than that.

    Initially, the reason was to keep an online travel journal to forever record our steps across the globe while keeping family and friends in the loop.
    These are not the only reasons why we write or why I want to write more every day.  Since starting out, the reason to write has snowballed into something bigger.  Something with real significance that we believe can make an impact in life.  Who’s life, I’m not sure, but I’m hoping maybe yours?

    To Travel For Longer

    Barely did I write the first post before I came across the term “monetisation”.  If monetising your blog can help you travel more and work less in the long term, then why wouldn’t you implement it from the get-go?  We never dreamed of the possibility, but if we persevere, hey, it might just work!  It’s certainly long-term motivation and it’s worked for so many world nomad families for a long time.
    Maybe we’re late to the party.  The web is flooded with travel blogs and, more specifically with nomadic families who blog about travelling around the world and worldschooling or edventuring.
    There are thousands of family travel blogs by people from every corner of the globe. With so many to choose from, does it mean there shouldn’t be more? Absolutely not. On the contrary, I believe the more the merrier. There’s a spot for me and you too.  We are shouting out in a sea of voices, but your wave is different and it’s worth shouting about. Blog on!

    Writing Family History

    It’s because of all our fellow blogging adventurers that we found the guts to make our big move. Those who started out many years ago change over time and their blogs morph into something different as the need and that craving for stability eventually kicks in.

    The focus of many family travel blogs change as they settle down or start new careers entirely. Some end, making way for new young families to share their stories in present time and reality.  They’ve carved out their epic life adventure and forever cherish the spectacular moments they’ve had.  There comes a time when you’re ready to stop.

    Either way, their epic adventures, golden moments, memories and the trailblazing lifestyle they lived is forever caught in time on their blogs. It’s there for them to enjoy forever and more importantly, for generations to come.

    As we research how our ancestors lived 100 years ago with the basic records available to us, I envy our great grand-children. They’ll have it all. Colour photos. Videos. Detailed accounts of exactly where we were, what we did, how we did it and who went along for the ride. They will know who we were.

    To My Great Grand-Children,

    You are welcome! Well done for looking us up and for giving a damn. Yes, if you were wondering why you have itchy feet and can’t stay in one place for long, travelling is in your blood. Aren’t you lucky? Now go make epic memories of your own and make us proud.

    Happy Adventuring,
    Your Great Granny Lindsy

    To write about your adventure is to leave behind a legacy. Isn’t that something special?

    Forever The Student

    I did not think that I can write nor did I believe writing would ever become part of my life. But it has.  Yes, in a basic form on a technical level, but in a big way on an emotional and life-changing scale.
    Never would I refer to myself as a writer!  I wouldn’t dare.  I can’t even stick to one tense in the same paragraph much less in a 4000 word post.  Grammarly tells me that, among many other grammatical issues, I still don’t know how to use a comma and that I’m terrible at changing sentences from passive to active voice.  My command of the English grammar and my creative writing skill may leave much to be desired but that will not and can not stop me from writing.  Too late for that now.

    Life Happens

    Writing’s become a passion and I want to learn how to get better at it every minute.  However, there is such a thing as “life” that happens and gets in the way and it’s especially true for a homeschooling Mom of three who still has the some-what mundane responsibility of bookkeeping work to get on with.  The hardest thing for me to do right now is to choose between blogging or chores.  First world problems, I know, but still. There are just so many things that I want to get into and can’t find the time for that not writing makes me anxious.
    The funny thing is that the frustrations of every-day life, is often what inspires us the most. It is where topics and new ideas to write about are born.  A happy day is finding the balance between writing, travel and the chores of every-day life.

    The Therapy We Can’t Afford

    Apart from hoping to share amazing experiences and travel tips, on a different level writing is the medicine to our emotional frustration.  Writing is the therapy we cannot afford. We can put things into perspective when we write. I’ve gone from “we must write to let them know where we are” to “I need to write.” Full stop.
    We write because we’ve been to places that you need to know about.  We feel things that others feel and we know things that others don’t. We write because of the need to identify with others who struggle with the same challenges and troubles and to help each other get through it.

    To Reach Out

    As a Mom and more recently as a family about to embark on our maiden voyage of full-time travel and blogging, other bloggers have made a big impact and difference in our lives.  When I find other bloggers who specifically reach out to moms, travellers and new bloggers to share their story and the challenges that they’ve faced and overcome, life gets a little easier and I am often deeply moved.
    Some stories are so special to me especially the ones that make me think “oh, I’m not the only one who feels that way”.  Another persons’ story can mean so much to someone else if we can relate.  They just have to write it down first.

    To Help.  To Encourage

    At uncertain times in my life, I’ve searched online for stories by others who’ve been at the same crossroads I faced and I mostly found stories of comfort and motivation with good advice to boot.
    Like when I was pregnant for the first, second and third time and loved reading about birth stories and had a million questions.  When I faced giving natural birth to our second baby after a traumatic first experience and was overcome with so much fear that I didn’t think I could do it again.  Or when I had trouble breastfeeding and was on the verge of giving up.  Or that time when I thought I was just being “difficult” and then found other mothers sharing their story online about struggling with sleep deprivation and postnatal depression.

    To Inspire

    To write about this adventure while travelling the world and homeschooling is a privilege and if you really think about it, compulsory.  How can we NOT share it?
    If we are lucky, we will inspire!  To inspire something good, something great even, in someone else will be the biggest compliment to our journey.  For someone to find us here, read our story and get butterflies in their stomach as they think “I could do that”, will be priceless.

    Why do you write?  What challenges do you face and how do you deal with them?
    If you have a blog what do you love to write about the most?
    If you had your own blog, what would you write about?

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